Non phone work at home jobs that pays $13-$15 per hour

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Close Please apply to Lionbridge here For Leapforce here https://www.leapforceath…


Workersonboard says:

Hi Priscilla, thank you for watching. These work at home jobs that I mentioned in this video are all ongoing. You absolutely could work multiple work at home jobs to replace a job.

Workersonboard says:

Your welcome.

Priscilla Beckett says:

hi Thanks for the video VERY informative. I was wondering if these jobs are on going or only for a specific time frame? And also would u suggest replacing a job with multiple work from home jobs.

Karin D Roots says:

Thank you.

Workersonboard says:

Hi Kaye, yes you can.

Workersonboard says:

Yes you can.

kaye ricketts says:

im from jamaica, can i apply?

Sade' Hale says:

Can , u work at two companies at the same time ?

Workersonboard says:

You should be given a study guide that you can read over before you take the exam. I hope you guys both hear some good news soon. Keep me posted!

dubsakx says:

I heard back from liosnbridge in less than 24hours. Im just waiting to completr the agreements. One question…how would i “study” for the test? Anywho…my girlfriend has signed up under leapforce….and heard back already. Hopefully my next communicaton will ne that we are both working. Thank you again!!

Workersonboard says:

No you do not.

Workersonboard says:

Lionbridge, Leapforce, and Appen Butler Hill.

Workersonboard says:

Your welcome. I hope you find something soon. Keep me posted.

Workersonboard says:

Yes, I do tasks for Lionbridge.

SweetladyTN says:

Hi, do you currently work for one of these company

dubsakx says:

I’m a barber…and I take care of a disabled parent….but I need part time work. I was researching and everything I found was a scam. thank you for your information. I’m going to apply to these companies. Wish me luck!!

Dez Medina says:

Where are the links for the 3 companies? I could not quite hear the names of them.

Karen Burch says:

Do you have to pay before you start a job.

Workersonboard says:

Hi Shannon, thank you for your comments and for watching. I appreciate your honesty.

Workersonboard says:

Sorry to hear about that. I hope it gets worked out soon.

Workersonboard says:


Workersonboard says:

Thank you for your comments. I will have to check it out.

Workersonboard says:

The highest paying work at home jobs that I have seen are for Weebly, American Express, Leapforce, Lionbridge, Pleio, and Appen Butler Hill.

Workersonboard says:

Thank you for watching.

James Percell says:

i just wanted to say your so beautiful wow

Danny McClendon says:

I’m having a bad experience with lionbridge already… I sent out an app a lil over 2 weeks ago and sent the questionnaire and Terms of agreements about a week and a half ago they sent me the email telling me my testing material would be sent on Aug 28th, yet it never came so I emailed them back and they told me that I had an error with my email I gave, btw which is the same email they emailed me this “error” email with, Two weeks after giving them the email. -___- So now I have to wait longer.

Pandora Box says:

is this also for international residents I mean im not in USA..could this be a part time job for other foreign countries too? like Philippines?

Shannon MacLean says:

To Kim and Alicia … Alicia, thank you so much for this wonderful info.! I will look into it! Also, ladies, just be aware that if you’re looking for an MLM or independent broker business, be careful! There are some great ones, and then tons of scams too! If you’re asked to pay a fee, you should get something in return. I’m an independent broker with a health benefits company and I pay a small monthly fee. My fee pays for my health & other benefits, I.T., and customer service.

nzinga zindua says:

Volume perfect on this vid. Thanks for posting.

Miss Santos says:

Thanks so much for all your videos! Out of these agencies which one has the highest hourly wage?

Doctor Drum says:

Alicia, Thank you for your video. I just subscribed. Please come watch my recently uploaded video too.

Robin Smith says:

You go to and download the appropriate filing forms for your situation. Then you complete them accurately and file them in a timely fashion.

Robin Smith says:

These jobs are fairly technical. It requires learning a lot of parameters and can be very tricky. Good luck if you decide to do it, folks.

avgrim77 says:

Lionbridge said preferred level of education – Bachelor’s degree or equivalent? If I had a bachelors degree I wouldn’t be working part time from home for only $15 an hour. I made over that working FT for a bank without a bachelor degree. So you are required to have a bachelors degree?

almrtnz1 says:

Humanatic=slave labor. They pay one to three cents for each call you review. You have ”reviewers” who are reviewing the calls you graded and if they do not agree with your results, they take away your measly penny. The calls you have to listen too average about one to two (sometimes three) minutes each! One your first day, they will give you a $3 to $4 dollar bonus; just enough to keep you in the job. After that, no more bonuses! It took me over two hours just to make $2.oo. Do the math.

Workersonboard says:

In the upper 90′s or as close to 100 as possible.

CL says:

Hi Alicia..What is a good percentile score on VirtualBee?

Workersonboard says:

Hi Anna, you can contact Humanatic via email at humanatic@centuryinteractive(dot)com to find out your status. You should get a response in a day or two.

John Chow says:

This sounds like a good opportunity. In the long term, however, do they pay more than $15 an hour? Hopefully if you do a good job they give you raises.

neil champion says:

Hey so how does this stuff work with income tax so the IRS doesnt f***k with you Workersonboard. im filling out an application at home now.

Anna Liza Roberto says:

Hi Alicia please help me how to follow up my application on Humanatics. I’m really interested for this job. Thank you so much

Workersonboard says:

Hi Sheila, you can contact them via email at humanatic@centuryinteractive(dot)com. You can tell them that you found out about the job from me or through my YouTube channel or website. If you don’t hear anything by Friday, please let me know and I will see what I can do.

sheila Njoroge says:

Hi Alicia,
I applied at Humanatic and I still have not heard back from them, can you plz help i know you mentioned to let you know if we don’t hear back from them its been 2 days

Workersonboard says:

Hi Annamarie, you may want to try Virtualbee, Cass Info, Quicktate, Clickworker, Cloud Crowd, Amazon Mturk, Accutran Global, and Concero Resources. I have more listed on my official website on the data entry page.

Annamarie Menendez says:

Hi Alicia: I can’t find the comment I left for you. I haven’t seen any typing jobs. What company do you recommend? I took a Medical Transcription course since I work in the medical field, but don’t have the experience. They always ask for 3-5 years experience.  How about Data Entry? Thanks, hope you can reply here. Have a good day! Annamarie

Workersonboard says:

Yes, some of the companies that pay in this range are American Express, Capital One, Leapforce, Lionbridge, and Butler Hill just to name a few.

cherelemusic says:

@Super2moms Do you know specifically the companies that offer $13-$15 an hour???

Workersonboard says:

Hi Minnie, I do have a payment proof from Virtualbee one of my YouTube videos. I can’t remember which one it is but I show a check that I received from them. You may want to try Apple, Sykes, World Travel Holdings, Quicktate, Teletech, and Working Solutions. I have more listed on my official website.

Workersonboard says:

Humanatic, Clickworker, Virtualbee, Lionbridge, Slicethepie, Postloop, Createspace (writing books), and Textbroker are just a few.

minnie love says:

hi alisha,i was wondering if u can please help me look around for online jobs that i can do from home ,as i live in st.maarten (caribbean) , and also would like to ask u ,if u have any payment proof for virtualbee.thanks

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