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Workersonboard says:

Thank you so much.

techadavis73 says:

Hi. I have some information that I want to share. For those who have applied to Humanatic  over two weeks ago you need to reapply with a different email and user name. I sent an email to check my status and I was told that after two weeks the system purges applications that are over two weeks old because they hire as needed. I hope this helps those who have applied.

Workersonboard says:

Hi Frederick, thank you for your comments. You can try these companies My Employment Options, NTI, and Pearl Interactive Network. I hope this helps.

Frederick Smith says:

Good Day. I know you are having a great weekend. You are a blessing. I could not find the employment for seniors on your website. Could you please pass that along. Thanks

Workersonboard says:

Hi Sue, as far as I know they are. They have an ongoing need for typists to work from home.

sheyshey2008100 says:

Good morning this is sue i want to know is virtualbee still hiring

judson bowden says:

work at home no selling

Workersonboard says:

Hi Brian, you may want to try Leapforce, Lionbridge, and Butler Hill because you can work a flexible schedule. Intelichek is another company you could apply to as well. I have more jobs for you on my official website that you can browse through also.

Workersonboard says:

Hi Johnathan, I just researched this for someone and I can tell you that this is not a legitimate company. I have more information on my forum at Workersonboard Talk that you can read.

brian oduor says:

I really like to work on line what kind of job do you offer .on my current situation for now, i do not own a laptop and the only time i can get accessed to computer is at 1.00pm till 6pm is that possible for me to work with you .Because i need some cash to by my own computer come next month.

SweetEmpressVal says:

Ive been following you for a bit now and every job you post videos theres never work nor availability.

jonathan pleli says:

Can you review “the daily money team” and “the cap rewards” and tell me of they are legit or not and how they work?

Workersonboard says:

Your welcome.

Joellen says:

Thank you so much!!!!!

Workersonboard says:

I would recommend some bilingual jobs. There are a few companies that hire translators and bilingual customer service reps. You can try Clickworker, Enterprise Rent a Car, Capital One, Sykes, 1800 Translate, Language Line Solutions, Butler Hill, Lionbridge, and Leapforce just to name a few. I have more listed on my official website.

Joellen says:

What do you recommend for people who English is a second language?

Workersonboard says:

Hi Brian, you may want to try Virtualbee, Sutherland Global, Xerox, Cass Info, and Clickworker, Cloud Crowd, and Amazon Mturk all have data entry tasks.

Brian Cudd says:

I really like your imput but every website I go to and check it out there is no work or I do not quality. I want a job where I can type forms, and data entry but I want something that when I come home from my full time job I can hop on my computer and have work waiting for me. Let me know if there is anything that is for sure going to be there if I sign up. Thanks !

Workersonboard says:

Hi Andrew, I am thinking outside the box here and with everything you just told me, you should definitely look into being an affiliate marketer or starting your very own blog. You can make a full time living doing this but it will not happen overnight but you can do this. YouTube may be an option for you as well. If none of these things appeal to you, you may want to think about writing online. You can earn decent money writing for others. I also think the sky is the limit for you.

Workersonboard says:

They pay directly to your bank account. You can also choose the option to use your earnings to purchase items on Amazon.

Lisa Ulas says:

Every time someone clicks this video, this lady makes money. That is also one way to make money.

Andrew Williams says:

Super2Moms I am a very good speaker, Very good at blogging, SEO and general sales, what work at home job is best for me?

Workersonboard says:

You may have to contact Cloud Crowd about this problem because I am not sure why you can’t access it on their website. Here are some companies that hire international workers: Clickworker, KGB, Language Line Solutions, Leapforce, Lionbridge, Appen Butler Hill, Sykes, Amazon mturk, and I have many more listed on my official website at Workersonboard.

tedmemeloski says:

Amazon mturk pays with reward points or via paypal?

Vineeth V says:

Dear Ma’am,
I registered my account in clowdcrowd, but i can’t take any more tests and they are saying that you need to pass level 5 of english comprehension but the test is not available in the site.Will you please help me with this problem and also list some legitimate sites for those who live in India.

Workersonboard says:

cont. Crowd has data entry tasks there as well. Cass Info also has legitimate data entry jobs that you can do from home. You can apply there as well. You can retake the test for Virtualbee everyday until you get a score that you are satisfied with. If you have any more questions, please let me know and I will get back in touch with you as soon as I can.

Workersonboard says:

I am not sure what your score was but I do know they prefer people to get in the upper 90′s or as close to 100 as possible before you will get invited to work for them. You can try to contact them via email regarding your status. You can also apply to Great american Opportunities. They have legitimate data entry jobs that you can do from home. You will have to watch my latest YouTube video to find out how to apply. Xerox is another company you can try. Amazon Mturk, Clickworker, and Cloud

Taqi2013 says:

I really enjoyed your videos and learned a lot. For some reason I am not able to make money with Virtual Bee, they have not contacted me yet and it has been more 30 days. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Can you help Super2moms?


Workersonboard says:

You may want to try applying for Clickworker, KGB, Language Line solutions, Leapforce, Lionbridge, and Appen Butler Hill.

thapa vibe says:

I am from Nepal.
I want some kind of online job to help myself and my family.
Will you please help me to find online home job ..

Workersonboard says:

Hi Debbie, you can try Clickworker, Cloud Crowd, Amazon Mturk, Slicethepie, Humanatic, and I have several others listed on my official website at Workersonboard.

debbiealgomez says:

im looking for instant pay work from home that are free is any of these instant? And if not do u know of any ???

Workersonboard says:

Hi Robert, there are plenty of legitimate work at home jobs that do not require you to pay any money. You might be surprised to know just how many there are. Here are a few companies that need people to work from home. Virtualbee, Clickworker, Humanatic, Leapforce, Apple, Lionbridge, Appen Butler Hill, BR Tech, Xerox, Teletech, Cass Info, and so many more. I have several legitimate companies listed on my website at Workersonboard. Please check it out for even more job leads.

Robert Healey says:

are there any true jobs that don’t require money up front?

Workersonboard says:

Hi Samantha, you can try applying for UHaul. They hire customer service reps to work from home. You have to be at least 16 years of age so you can definitely apply for this company. You can also try Humanatic, Clickworker, Leapforce, Lionbridge, Virtualbee, Appen Butler Hill, Textbroker, Bubblews, Slicethepie, Pleio, and other companies that I have listed on my website.

rick hand says:

hi I read your post and it interested me but when I copy and pasted the site u put down on the bottom of your post it sent me to a bing result and I couldn’t find the site so could u help me get there if u could that would be great thank you

Workersonboard says:

Thank you so much Wendy for watching and for your comments. Have a wonderful day!

WendyO GoffO says:

You are absolutely God sent !! Thank You and God Bless You!!

WendyO GoffO says:

You are absolutely God sent !!! Thank You and God Bless You!!!!!

Jez Smith says:

You Don’t Have to Be a Geek to Make Money Online

Samantha Bogle says:

Im 19 yrs old. i was a sales associate and chaier at macys for 7 months. Im currently enrolled in college. i was wondering if there are any websites that you think would give me a chance inspite of my age. please please reply. Im in need of income to help out my families financial problems.

Stable WorkAtHome says:

I stumbled upon this post. We are currently hiring since Obama Care is soon to take its course. StableWorkAtHome com. Take Care. Looking for qualifed candidates

Jez Smith says:

Start making money online.

Workersonboard says:

Hi Monique, I will check into this and see what I can find out for you.

Monique Cote says:

Good evening, Alicia. I am wondering if you know how I can get assembly work for home. Many years ago, I use to put jewelry on the manufacturers jewelry card, package and deliver them to a local business who mailed the merchandise to the company. It was piece work but I loved it and now I have 7 disable adults including myself looking for something like I mentioned. I am the only one with a car and able to drive.

Any and all your help would be greatly appreciated.

Workersonboard says:

That is so true.  Thank you for watching.

Kurt Kennedy says:

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